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Mickey Thörnblad is an experienced photographer. He mixes artistic activities with grand depictions of nature and commercial photography assignments.

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Mickey Thörnblad

Stockholm based photographer Mickey Thörnblad has his roots in Linköping, a mid-seized city in the south of Sweden.  His journey in photography started with a Yashica camera, given to him as a graduation gift after finishing high school. Spending endless summers on the island of Öland his affection and inspiration to still photography grew to be a pert of his long life dedication.

The beautiful and rugged island is often the model for his stunning panoramas that exudes love for nature . The feeling conveyed to the viewer in a close and intimate experience with weather , wind , sky and earth. Mickey is a true nature lover who find the energy and power in beautiful surroundings and a passion to communicate their experiences to the authentic and harmonious with the help of photography.

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